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This Executive Leadership program lets you choose between two tracks: Track 1为认证候选人提供专业发展机会. 轨道2通向项目管理员认证. Both tracks are based on National Education Leadership Preparation (NELP) standards and designed to be reflective, 经验, 实用, relevant to the profession.


Program Overview

的 School of Education difference

好的赌博软件推荐成立于125年前, the University has been preparing some of the most sought-after educators in the region for more than 90 years. 今天,进入教育学院的研究生课程竞争非常激烈. Faculty members — each teaching his or her own courses and each holding a doctorate — have worked to develop rigorous 项目 of quality.

的 School of Education at 西雅图 Pacific University offers more than a dozen graduate 项目. You can choose from three doctoral 项目, seven master’s degree 项目, five certification 项目, all of which focus on developing competence, 字符, 领导, service in educators. While many students train to become teachers, 其他人则准备担任学校辅导员, 校长, 负责人, district office personnel, or professors in higher education. SPU在华盛顿和全国的P-12教育中享有很高的声誉, students who complete our graduate degree and certificate 项目 enjoy a higher rate of employment than the state's average.


的 School Executive Leadership program at SPU emphasizes the knowledge and 技能 you will need for an executive-level 领导 position. 的 program contains content similar to the Superintendent Certification program under two different tracks. Track 1为认证候选人提供专业发展机会. Track 2 leads to Program Administrator Certification. Both tracks are based on National Education Leadership Preparation (NELP) standards and designed to be reflective, 经验, 实用, relevant to the profession. 你也可以从任何一个方向申请学分 Doctor of Education (EdD)学位.

  1. Accomplished Faculty

    专家,有爱心的教师有帮助学生成功的愿望. Faculty are known for mentoring their students during and following their educational 项目. 这些教授通过自己的学术活动为终身学习树立了榜样, publishing frequently, presenting at professional conferences.

  2. AACU会员

    西雅图 Pacific is a member of the Association of American Colleges and Universities and of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. SPU certification 项目 are approved by the Washington state Professional Educator Standards Board. 的 School of Education is also a member of the Association of Independent Liberal Arts Colleges for Teacher Education, has a chapter, Sigma Phi Upsilon, of Chi Sigma Iota, 一个国际荣誉协会,重视学术和专业卓越的咨询.

  3. Deep Character Emphasis

    Built on an 字符 education foundation, the graduate 项目 at SPU offer first-class education through the lens of Christian faith and values. 学生选修道德课程,品格问题贯穿整个课程.

  4. 灵活的格式

    Designed for working professionals, coursework and field experiences in the School Executive Leadership program are based on a convenient two-year cohort model that allows students to attend class while continuing their work responsibilities.

  5. Connected 校友

    School of Education graduates move on to purposeful careers in schools and district-level 领导 throughout the country. 当你从SPU教育学院获得研究生学位时, 你加入了一个校友社区,他们保持着联系.

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的 Executive Leadership program provides certificated candidates with professional development opportunities within a specialized area. Non-certificated students or those who hold either current teacher or ESA certification while serving in a district-level position may complete the Executive Leadership program and obtain a Program Administrator Certificate.

的 program contains content similar to the Superintendent Certification program under two different tracks. 第一个轨道为认证候选人提供专业发展机会. 的 second track leads to Program Administrator Certification. 也可以从任何一个方向申请学分 Doctor of Education (EdD)学位.

行政领导课程包括两个方面, 这两个专业的课程都是以两年的队列模式为基础的.

Track 1:行政领导专业化(24学分)

Certificated students complete the same coursework for the Superintendent Certificate but replace the field experience with two electives (6 credits) in a chosen specialization and/or an applied field study in the area of specialization.


  • 教与学(课程与教学)
  • Finance and Business
  • Human Relations Administration
  • Special Education
  • 支持 Programs (Remediation, ELL, etc.)


Non-certificated candidates complete the same coursework for the Superintendent Certificate but receive Program Administrator Certification. This track requires at least 360 hours of field experience (EDAD 6941) and the number of required credits (6-9) for the program is dependent on experience and desired position.


Courses meet three times per academic quarter (once a month) on Friday afternoon/evenings and Saturday mornings.


Integrated Courses

的 program's Core 课程 includes six integrated and standards-based courses 把你以前的经验和知识联系起来, 技能, 以及担任高级领导职位所需的能力.

  • EDAD 7581   Systems Leadership (3)
  • 教育法律与政策研究(3)
  • EDAD 7584   Resource Management (3)
  • EDAD 7586   Interpersonal Relations (3)
  • EDAD 7588   Improving Student Learning (3)
  • 政策、治理和道德(3)

Leadership Seminars

To enhance collegiality, 协作, practitioner 技能, 三个专业的成长规划研讨会被纳入该计划. In these seminars, 两个方向的学生讨论实践中的问题, 分享他们从专业工作或应用领域研究中获得的见解, 协助制定专业成长计划, 并介绍综合项目的主要发现.


Continuing Education

满足成人学习者不断变化的需求, 西雅图 Pacific University offers a wide range of 项目 and courses to meet the needs of 今天's professionals. With competitive credit and program rates, these personal and professional development opportunities make lifelong learning very affordable. As the largest provider of continuing education credits for teachers in Washington State, SPU's Center for Professional Education 关注K-12教育工作者的当前需求.

Courses taken for credit and numbered at the 5000 level are graduate-level courses and are designed primarily with the needs of teachers and other professionals in mind for the purpose of meeting certification, 背书, 地区支付通道要求和其他专业需求. 在某些情况下,这些研究生水平的课程可能被认为满足选修要求.

Still have questions? 审查 常见问题.



学费 and fees for 2023–24






credits to complete


在申请助学金之前,你必须先被研究生项目录取. 确保你:

  • Enroll in at least 3 credits (or half-time) toward a degree or eligible certificate each quarter.
  • 每年完成并提交联邦学生援助免费申请(FAFSA).

你可以利用奖学金和贷款. SPU does not have a deadline for graduate financial aid, though earlier is always better than later! 

了解更多赌博十大靠谱软件 the FAFSA and applying for financial help.

了解更多赌博十大靠谱软件 scholarships, assistantships, loans available to graduate students.


Find out more about 行政和其他教育学院项目费用.




与监督员认证计划不同, 该计划是为认证和非认证的教育领导者设计的. Applicants must have a minimum of two years of building or district level administrative experience prior to acceptance into the program.


申请人必须提交下列资料至 研究生 招生:

  • 应用程序 and $50 应用程序 手续费.
  • Official transcript documenting bachelor's degree (including official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended).
  • Official transcript documenting master's degree.
    • Note: To be considered official, 成绩单必须装在学院或大学的密封信封中. 只要成绩单保持原貌,就可以送到研究生招生处, unopened university envelope. 通过eSCRIP-SAFE或羊皮纸交换收到的电子成绩单也可以接受.
    • 如果你的学位不是来自美国的学院或大学, please arrange for your transcript to be evaluated by an accredited transcript-evaluation company, 如 金融中间人 or 韦斯. 报告是否直接转发到研究生招生处. 
  • 在职专业教师证书或ESA证书复印件,如适用. 
  • Personal statement (1 - 2页).
  • 的简历.
  • Two letters of recommendation (one supervisory, one professional).
  • Site Agreement form, 如果适用的话available in the 应用程序.


Autumn Quarter: August 15

Winter Quarter: November 15

Spring Quarter: February 15

Summer Session: May 15




Frequently Asked Questions


This varies by program. Admission to some 项目, 如 the 数学和科学教学速成硕士 (AMTMS), Accerated Master of Arts in Teaching (还) MEd in School Counseling, is very competitive. SPU的每个教育研究生课程的录取都是基于标准的, 所有申请者必须符合所有入学标准.

Can I continue to work while enrolled in a graduate degree program in the SPU School of Education?

Yes, in most cases. Most of the graduate degree 项目 offered by the School of Education are part-time 项目, 在各种员工友好的场所提供课程. 教育研究生课程安排在SPU或校外, 在晚上, occasionally on Saturdays, during the summer.

的 Acclerated Master of Arts in Teaching (还) 数学和科学教学速成硕士 (AMTMS) 项目 are exceptions. 因为是全职实习,所以是一年制的全日制项目.


教育学院提供几个完全在线的课程,包括 AMAT-OnlineAMTMS-OnlineDigital Education LeadershipTeacher Leadership 项目. 请查看项目页面了解资格要求.

Is a graduate program at SPU more expensive than comparable education 项目 at other universities?


How does a graduate degree or graduate certificate from SPU compare with a similar degree or certificate from other universities?

SPU's School of Education has been offering a wide range of fully accredited master's and doctoral degrees in addition to graduate certificates for more than 20 years. SPU在华盛顿和全国的P-12教育中享有很高的声誉, students who complete our graduate degree and certificate 项目 enjoy a higher rate of employment than the state's average.